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EXTENSION SERIES 2 at Grim Museum Berlin

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Curated by Andrés Galeano.

Performance 11. March
Traces until 13. March
Lecturing Guest Christopher Hewitt 13. march at 19.30

Grim Museum, Fichte Strasse 2, Berlin

For the second Series of Extension, curator and Performance Artist Andres Galeano invites an
interesting combination: the polish artist Antoni Karwowski and german artist BBB Johannes Deimling.
Since more than 10 … weiterlesen →

MY TRAM project by polish artist ANTONI KARWOWSKI

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In 2010, Antoni Karwowski start in Szczecin (Poland) the second edition of the author’s project, „My tram”. Karwowski realized the first edition in Torun in 1980,on the line No. 4 (see photo).
The second edition will include the whole tram network in Szczecin.
Invited artists will do projects simultaneously on all lines of the tram network.
Antoni Karwowski hopes to … weiterlesen →

tips & tricks – perform your network with BBB Johannes Deimling

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Performance Seminar 19. –21. March 2010 in Hildesheim, Germany

The aim of this three days workshop is to give an insight into and provide a kind of ‘Starterkit’ for the world wide Live Art Network and is thus especially addressed at young and emerging Live Art artists.

Especially for experimental Live Art, the established art market is usually seen as … weiterlesen →

PAS – Performance Art Studies 2010 in Killeshandra, Ireland

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From 7. – 16. May 2010 PAS – Performance Art Studies will take place in Ireland, in Killeshandra, Cavan county with the topic „territories“.

Animals within their territories don’t know about walls, barricades or barbwires, their living grounds are often simply marked by their own smells. Human territores become more complicated, we need passports, money, flags, national identities and uniforms. … weiterlesen →


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Extension aims to create a Performance network, in order to promote the critical and theoretical discourse on Performance Art and to widen the understanding of this relatively young media through active dialogue between artists, critics and audience. Extension is a Performance Art plattform in Berlin presenting international emerging artists. It offers space, infrastructure and time for invited artists to develop … weiterlesen →