EXTENSION SERIES 2 at Grim Museum Berlin


Curated by Andrés Galeano.

Performance 11. March
Traces until 13. March
Lecturing Guest Christopher Hewitt 13. march at 19.30

Grim Museum, Fichte Strasse 2, Berlin

For the second Series of Extension, curator and Performance Artist Andres Galeano invites an
interesting combination: the polish artist Antoni Karwowski and german artist BBB Johannes Deimling.
Since more than 10 years the two artists have had an intensive artistical exchange, a process that is
constantly inspiring for thier works and discussions. Karwoski and Deimling share a similar expression
of action, both using aspects of poetry in their action, without any spoken word. The reduced actions of
Karwowski and Deimling are used in thier own performances bringing the audience to a certain
athmosphere, where the concrete action and its poetical meanings opens a wide range of
interpretation, and – without being empathic – emotional access is appearing for the viewer. Their
personal aproaches and their cultural backgrounds are different. Between these differences are the
similarities; the fruitful aspect in the works of Antoni Karwowski and BBB Johannes Deimling.

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