Port Performance in Estonia

CUMA # 2 (Hawser)
13th (Saturday) of January 2007
15.00 o’clock
Mud Bath, Ranna pst. 1, Pärnu, Estonia
as part of the IN GRAAFIKA Festival 2007
From the 5th to the 15th of January 2007 the international artists and Performance Art teachers Angelika Fojtuch & BBB Johannes Deimling will give an intense workshop in Tallinn and Pärnu in Estonia with 14 students and artists from seven different Art Schools and Art Academies from Estonia, Germany, Austria, Finnland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Poland.During the workshop the students will discover their bodies and spirits as tools with which they will create ephermal actions based on personal subjects like: Identity, Faith, Exchange, Food and others. The students will transform their personal bodies into an universal sign, that will transport a private message.

On the 13th of January 2007 at 15:00 o´clock the members of the workshop will show the results of the intense days in a final presentation at the Mud Bath in Pärnu as part of the IN GRAAFIKA Festival. “CUMA” (HAWSER) is the Titel of this event and underlines the idea of art in motion.

(For more informations about the workshop, please check http://www.portperformance.net/workshop_tallinn.htm)

From Tallinn will be a FREE festival bus connection to Pärnu. It is departing from parking lot in front of the Estonia Opera Theatre (next to trolleybus stop) at 10.00 and going back to Tallinn at 20.30 from Pärnu Artist House (Nikolai street 27). A registration for this bus is needed, mail to schoenberg@schoenberg.ee.

With the friendly asisstance of IDK (Jaan Toomik, Erik Alalooga, Fideelia Signe-Roots) Nongrata, SAMISDAT

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