EXTENSION SERIES 12 / Grimmuseum Berlin

Grimmuseum Berlin, Fichtestr. 2 Berlin, presents:

curated by Andrés Galeano

Stefanie Trojan (DE) – johnicon alias: Johannes L. Schröder (DE)

Performances: 1.12. 19:30h (3€ Entrance)
Documentation: 2-4.12.
Lecture: 4.12. 18:30 Lose aus Vase by johnicon alias: Johannes L. Schröder

Extension Series 12 aims to open a high-contrast dialogue and reflection between the subtle performance work of Stefanie Trojan, usually based on the interaction with the audience and the play with the situation, and the exhibition of part of the performances photo archive of johnicon alias: Johannes L. Schröder.

Jonhicon will display a selection of photos of performances by Paul McCarthy, Tatsumi Orimoto, Chris Burden, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Nezaket Ekici, John Bock and many others that he took in the last three decades, and will face the question of documenting and archiving performances, performing his personal “archive” through some re-doings and performance-lectures.

As a counterpoint, Stefanie Trojan´s performance will embody essential features of the medium, like site-specificity, ephemerality, immateriality and unmediated co-presence. Thanks to her minimal and sharp infiltration in the social situation and her body-to-body actions, Trojan´s work will confront radically a performance experienced in flesh with the experience of its mediated documentation shown by johnicon alias Johannes L. Schröder.

Dr. Johannes L. Schröder is based in Hamburg. His freelance research has backgrounds in art-history and visual arts and focuses on Futurism and Performance Art. He actually is concerned with the recycling of his archive into objects, performances and installations like “Relic-Lounge”. A prototype of it was realized during the www.performancefestival.de at Salzau and lead to “Architexture” (PerformanceResearch, Vol. 11, No. 3). Schröder is also member of the board of Einstellungsraum (www.einstellungsraum.de) and co-editor of the „journal oriental“( www.amokkoma.eu.)
Ever since johnicon alias Johannes Lothar Schröder began doing research on performance-art around 1979 he has also photographed them. A couple of the pictures made it into magazines, books and catalogues and some also on covers of High Performance, Los Angeles #29,1985; AMOKKOMA, Kiel; Kunstforum intl., Köln; Kataloge: 80 Langton Street, San Francisco 1985; Blende und Traumzeit, Kiel 1992, McCarthy: Brain Box Dream Box, Eindhoven 2004.His photography was also exhibited in artshows at Schwäbisch-Hall (Städtische Galerie) in Hamburg (Galerie Jans) and this year in Utrecht (CBKU).

Stefanie Trojan graduated 2003 with the diploma as a Masterstudent of Asta Gröting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Since 2000 she did various performances in- and outdoors for example at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Museum Folkwang, Essen, Arp Museum, Bahnhof Rolandseck, Remagen, Gerhard Marcks Haus, Bremen , Hof van Busleyden, Mechelen (BE), Kunsthalle Basel (CH), De Appel Amsterdam (NL), Marta Herford, PS1,New York (USA), Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Lothringer 13, städtische Kunsthalle München and at the Kunstbau/Lenbachhaus München.
She received Awards and Grants like a Residency at the Cité of Paris, or the DAAD for New York and the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance with a Artist in Residency at the Parsons School of Design, New York, or the Debutantenpreis of the State Ministry of Bavaria and other Residencies in Lemgo and Halle.
“I am not producing images. I work with the experience.
In times where everything is shiny, fast and loosing itself I try to focus on the spaces between humanity.
My observations are leading into site specific performances.
Some parts of the performances seem to be familiar, quiet normal but there are those small displacements that make us inert and perplex.
We would like to react correct. But what is right and what is wrong. Mainly when we are acting in our daily routines and codes sometimes their meaning is external to us or we do not know it any more.
When are we free enough to be different?
I try to extend the idea of performance while passing the action over to the observer. His or her reaction completes my work.”

About the Lecture & redoings: “L o s e a u s V a s e” by johnicon alias: Johannes L. Schröder
4.12. 18:30 – Entrance free
Hardly does an art depend more on photography and video than performance-art. You can even say that performance-art became what we know about it today by lens-based media. That makes a symbiosis, which however is divergent from other symbiotic art forms like opera and theatre. They are linked to architecture, as the same word indicates the building, where you go to attend theatrical performances. Performance art has no specific place or architecture and rarely is there a repertoire, it is seen just by a small number of visitors in various spaces. That is why a general reception of the transitory and ephemeral activities is based almost exclusively on photography and time-based media, which make it feasible to realize the phenomenology and historicity of performances.

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