PAS# 26 Object Trouvé – Call for participation!!!

Here the next cracking possibility to Follow the Bird !!!

27th of April – 09th of May 2012 / Rotterdam, the Netherlands
in cooperation with PAE as part of “PAE4 – Performance Art Festival”

– Deadline for applications 15th of April 2012 –


As performance artists we are highly attracted to objects, because we are able to create traces through them, we are able to visualize abstract ideas and make them directly touchable. An object allows us to extend our body and imagination. It can create a steady connection with the audience which delivers abstract thoughts. It´s seems simply natural to shape ideas in a physical form, because it´s the way how we relate to our environment.

This workshop will focus on the supportive and enriching aspect of objects within a performance. So how do I decide what is the best matching object for my idea? What is the specific characteristic of an object and where are potential traps during the use? What does material research means and why is it a difference to use matches instead a lighter? What has all that to do with aesthetics? How can we create objects during the performance and how can we change space and time by using certain types of objects as an installation? This workshop searches for the next layer beyond the object as just an adding.

We open possibilities through different contexts and Medias and thinking of power symbols/objects likes flags, blood or crosses, of invisible objects and non-objects.


PAE (Performance Art Event) is a Rotterdam Dutch based international orientating organization whose goal is to show the diversity of performance art.

PAE is found in 2008 by Nina Boas and Martijn Stellinga with in 2010 Ieke Trinks joining them to reinforce the organization. All organizers are artists themselves.

PAS| Performance Art Sudies OFFER:

==> to develop an Art Performance with technical, pedagogical and artistically guidance
==> to investigate and work with a variety of performative exercises in various conditions, in- and outdoor which focuses on: body, time, space, concentration, endurance (both in groups and individually) and images.
==> a Final public presentation of the performance (media promotion, poster, mailing) and final celebration
==> Video and photo documentation of the process and final presentation, made by the PASphotographer
==> publication of the Documentation on PAS website and other Performance Art related websites and blogs
==> Contacts with artists, curators and art institutions in the Netherlands
==> Meeting and cooperation with other like-minded people from other countries
==> Encounters, lectures and discussions with the invited artists of the festival
==> Context of the place, history and culture
==> Free accommodation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Please check for more information:
Application forms can be requested via e-mail

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