PAStudies#27 / After Image

13th – 26th of August 2012, Berlin (DE)

In cooperation with Grimmuseum Berlin (

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Deadline for applications: 1st of August 2012
Early bird price: by confirmed registrations before the 15th of July 2012

We are happy to announce the cooperation with the performance art photographer and teacher of photography at the Art Academy Karlsruhe Pietro Pellini (DE) (, the art historian and teacher Dr. Irene Müller (CH) and Dr. Karmenlara Ely (USA) Associate Professor and Artistic Director of the acting department at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, Norway. They will introduce their work and take part as visiting lecturers in PAS #27.


„I began to pull my dress all the way up so my toes were showing. Then I took the jar… [and]… there was a bird inside (alive).”

What remains is the memory of presence. A memory leaves an imprint in or on our mind and body. It becomes an identification and recall of objects, places and exchange of individual or collective stories. Imprints are traces and visualizations, written by experiences in our lives. What remains is unique and not repeatable.

We think and feel in pictures, in remembrance and imagination. But we quickly reach a border if we try to grasp just one single moment in every aspect, full size. A specific smell, a tiny sound, an unexpected movement or a spatial feeling, everything what creates our perception is hardly to shape in an image.

Within the use of Photography in Performance Art, both Medias are able to interact directly with the audience and can change the perception of perspectives, motions and emotional states. Both Medias uses different strategies, but in the ideal case, they are both close to grasp the essence of this blank space – the essence of a moment.

PAS#27 After Image is searching within the intersection between Photography as one aspect of documentation and Performance Art as an ephemeral art practice. With this discourse we want to take part in the running discussions about documentation, preserving and archiving the relics of Performance Art pieces. The aim of this 12 days study is to work out a performance, to present this as part of the final presentation in the Grimmuseum and reflect on how we document this art pieces.


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